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Working in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections (CRC), Jenna Waldren was asked to make artists’ books inspired by, or drawing references from, the volumes that once graced the shelves of the library. 
S14/i responds to a collection of books in the Playfair Library, located on a shelf of the same name. The book contains twenty-seven pages, representing the number of books. Within these pages, six portraits of female writers are featured, shedding light on the absence of women in the collection.
These portraits were created using a combination of painting and photogram processes, replicating the stone like quality of the male busts in the Playfair Library. 

If you would like to read more about the project please follow the links below:

Photographs of the 'S14/i' Book and artworks included

A video featuring Elizabeth Lawrence and Jane Hyslop discussing the ideas behind Jenna Waldren's Artist's Book titled 'S14/i'. Credit: The University of Edinburgh. 

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