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As a way to celebrate her move back to London, Jenna exhibited at the Cass Art Islington Gallery Space for two weeks in July 2023.

The exhibition showcased works made during Jenna's final months spent living and working in Edinburgh. The pieces
captured snapshots of friends and loved ones, celebrating some of the lasting friendships she'd made during the six years she lived in the city. 

The majority of the artworks were nocturnal interiors, domestic scenes lit by candle or lamplight with figures often sat amongst the remnants of an evening meal. Such motifs allude to romanticised moments of young adulthood, evenings spent with friends over a bottle of wine illuminated by the comforting glow of low-lit interiors.  

Exhibition Poster for The Art of Living

Exhibition Poster for The Art of Living

Photographs of the exhibition installed in the Cass Art Gallery Space and from both the Opening Event (16th July) and Closing Event (28th July)

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